How To Whiten The Vaginal Area

Vaginal Area Bleaching

Vaginal bleaching is becoming popular, therefore there is need to know how to whiten your vagina without damaging it. As literal as it sounds, vaginal bleaching does not include bleaching of the outer vaginal lips, it’s basically lightening the inner part (vulva) to make it pink while it was originally dark.
The  Vagina is a very sensitive part of the body, thus special care must be taken while you think of bleaching it. There are both safe and unsafe ways of bleaching, majorly there are two ways of bleaching the vagina: The home made bleaching and The use of vaginal bleaching creams

The Use Of Vaginal Bleaching Creams

There are several creams you can use. Herbal vaginal creams, Natural vaginal creams, Vaginal bleach creams and Epibright intimate lightening cream.

Remember everyone reacts differently to different creams, whatever cream you use make sure to use on a small part of your skin, if it does not react you can proceed to use it on your vagina. Most of these creams have the same prescription of applying twice a day.

Soaps also cause darkening of the vaginal, it is advisable to use plain warm water while washing your vagina.
When bleaching the vaginal it’s advisable to avoid products with hydroquinone because of its adverse side effects. Whenever you use your vaginal cream, wash and rinse your hands well because if any of this creams touch your eyes they can really irritate.

Home Made Vaginal Bleaching

This will just require you to use a few readily available ingredients.
* Wash your vagina and dry it well
* Cut a piece of lemon and rub it against your vagina.
* You can also squeeze the lemon juice and wash the vagina with it.
To avoid skin irritation, you can add some water to the lemon juice.
You have to do this often for it work.
NOTE: Using lemon only bleaches parts and cannot be fully relied on.

We recommend the use of Vaginal bleaching creams rather than the home made method…., read more

Vaginal Area Bleaching